Who We Are

orcas in 2007
Orcas at the Springer Reunion in 2007

We are the Puget Sound chapter of a community of people who are interested in whales, dolphins, porpoises, and the marine environment.

The Society is committed to cetacean conservation, education, and research. You can read a more formal description on our page About The Society. You can find out more about the national organization at http://acsonline.org/.

We're all different - young, old, scientific, nonscientific. We're all the same - curious. We like to hang out and talk about whales and nature, about what they're doing locally, about local and international discoveries & news, whale books, whale movies; and sometimes about birds or seals or flora, and usually salmon too.

Our community connects in a lot of different ways, virtual and face-to-face. Our board meets both virtually and face-to-face.

Members meet monthly in Phinney (Seattle).

Many of us also participate in annual events like OrcaSing on San Juan Island (WA), the Society of Marine Mammology or the ACS International Conferences, or other local events such as regional educational or seasonal festivals.

Membership is open and new members are welcome. There are 'join us' and 'contact us' links sprinkled all over this website in addition to photos and text describing some of our past and future activities.

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