Student Research Grant Program

Funding for vital independent studies - Grant Awards Set ACS/PS Apart from Other Non Government Organizations

Students studying cetaceans have been awarded grants from the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Cetacean Society since 2000. These grants provide much needed funding for critical research.

Please consider donating...

Marine mammal scientists and their students are finding it more and more difficult to secure funding, especially under current federal environmental and science policies. That's why the grant money that the Puget Sound chapter awards is so important. We are the only local marine environmental organization that awards such research grants.

Unfortunately, the same financial drought that is hurting the students is also drying up our funding sources. Our chapter relies on generous donations from individuals and small businesses to fund our research grants program. We will continue to look for other larger funding sources, but it's also time to call on our members to help us help the whales!

No other organization is positioned to fill the void that would be left if ACS/PS were to stop awarding grant money.

Please help us to continue this vital contribution to the research and conservation of cetaceans! Rather than watching our grants program dry up, help the Puget Sound chapter to build the fund to its highest level ever. Our goal is to have $2000 available for grants every year. We would then be able to help two to four students annually to continue their work to help the whales. Contributions of any amount would be greatly appreciated and your donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent of the law (please see your tax advisor). Confirmation of 501(c)3 status available upon request.

For information about past recipients... see ACS/PS Student Grant Recipients.